Welcome to our Internet Store. Our "specialty" is: Items made of glass, crystal; and pewter, or pewter-like metals. Feel free to phone or e-mail us if you don't see what you are looking for here. Please keep checking-on us to see how we are changing and adding new products. All the merchandise shown on this Internet Store are new items--never used before.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. We have been pleasing customers on this Internet Store for 20 years, plus 15 years prior in the brick-and-mortar retail shop business. We have an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction.

So that's a little about us. We hope to be able to serve you by use of the Internet and continue to bring meaningful gift items to you and yours.

Sincerely, Howard Sowers

RETURNS or OTHER PROBLEMS - PLEASE be sure you understand the dimensions and description of any item you order. You MUST contact us by phone or email BEFORE you return an item to find out where to send it. Returns must be made within 15 days of receipt of merchandise. We cannot return shipping costs, and you will need to pay the cost of shipping the merchandise back to us. Merchandise must be undamaged and in original packaging. Any breakage claims must be reported within 3 days of receipt. Returned items may be subject to a 20% restocking fee. We cannot be responsible for any unavailability of merchandise, or typographical errors which may accidentally occur on this site.

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Our business is located in Edgewater, FL 32141 USA

E-mail: howard@sowers-gifts.com

"True" pewter is an alloy of only three (3) metals -- tin (90% - 95%), antimony (5% - 8%) and copper (balance). Any other metal that appears to be pewter is what we refer to as "pewter-like" -- some people call it "alternative metal". Most of the "pewter-like" metals are an alloy of a combination of predominantly aluminum with traces of other metals. New pewter and pewter-like metals are food safe. "True" Pewter is not to be cooked-in, and is relatively "soft" (dents easily). The "pewter-like" metals made with aluminum can be cooked-in, and are very hard and durable, however discoloration can occur. PLEASE NOTE, most metals are subject to oxidation; and reaction to contact with acids (fruits and other foods, etc.) resulting in changes in color or condition of the metal (i.e. pitting, lightening or darkening of the metal).

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